Demo Volume One

by Making Mountains

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This demo was recorded in a couple hours at Paper Robot Studios (my dorm room). All songs were recorded once through and are only the bare bones, guitar and vocals. It is raw and in no way perfect but, in a way, that's what makes it beautiful. There are forgotten lyrics, improvised chords and endings, but I'm sure that you will enjoy it. So please download and let me know what you think! I promise it will sound better if you download it.


released October 19, 2010

Banner photography by Monica Coimbra



all rights reserved


Making Mountains Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Flight 32
Brighter lights cast darker holes in my soul
Would you know if I told you to?
Lift me up past the rocks and the dirt and the drugs that I took.
It was enough.
I mistook you for angels in paramedic suits,
flashing reds and blues.
If I could I would choose you.
Bite my lip so I won't talk,
but we're just kids with sidewalk chalk.
Run back to class for show and tell.
I'll wait my turn but there's the bell
for the announcer to say:
"Flight 32. Now take her away,"
from you for good.
There's no use arguing my case
if I'm found guilty in every state of mind you try,
so goodbye.
Farewell blue eyes.
I tried.
I will love you until I die
or at least until the next pretty girl sits by my side.
My new favorite waste of time.
So goodbye.
Track Name: That Sinking Feeling
Why do you haunt me?
It's not like I am afraid.
I like hearing your voice while I sleep,
But when I wake and you're a million miles away,
I refuse to listen to what you have to say.
It's hard to believe that your head is screwed on straight,
when I can hear the buzzing behind your eyes,
and the wires in your sleeves are as clear as you see me,
but since you don't, I'll reconsider my only means.

So now I'm gonna haunt you,
like a devil in your bed,
creeping through your sheets and through your mind.
and I hope you don't mind if I stay here for awhile,
ya see, I've been working hard and I'm a little tired.
So sing me to sleep and tell me all your stories
about why you're so much better without me.

I am the last breath stuck inside your throat.
I am that sinking feeling.
I tie the knots that tangle up your thoughts
Just a bubble in your veins, just a picture in a box

Well, I didn't want to tell you
but the screws in the floor are getting loose.
This boat is sinking faster by the hour.
If my part is what you choose,
then I'll play the concrete in your boots,
It takes more than a little salt to wear me down.
So as the water fills your lungs
I won't need to tell you it's just begun.
You'll be gasping out my name before your anchor
hits the soil.

I am the last breath stuck inside your throat.
I am that sinking feeling.
I tie the knots that tangle up your thoughts
Just a bubble in your veins, just a picture in a box
Track Name: Come Home
I've never been so sure about,
I've never been so sure to shout it out loud.
From your ear to your brain so you know you're missing out,
but I'm sure that you know that by now.
Ya I'm sure you've got it all figured out.

So won't you please come home to me.
My patience is fading like the leaves on the trees.
And I know my heart you'll be here eventually.
So please just come home to me.

I'll treat you like royalty my september queen,
As the city lights guide as through the dark cavern streets.
By the time that the snow falls and covers our feet,
We'll forget all the sidewalks that took you from me,
And the footprints that led us astray.
I promise I'll step better in every single way.

Please come home to me.
At least just a phone call so I now that you're still breathing,
and telling me your reason for doing so is me.
Then maybe i could sleep
Track Name: Some Sort Of Crazy
I'm walking home to a place I've never known,
to a bed that I've never slept in.
To sit alone, recite the words I've wrote,
the only feelings that I ever feel.
Don't tell me I'm lazy, I'm just a little tired,
of people telling me to be happy.
You'd be depressed under this type of stress,
that comes only from me being me.

I won't see a doctor he'll just say I need help,
try to tell me that I'm some sort of crazy.
Deal me some drugs, try to fill me with lust,
for success and impractical dreams.
But Doc you can't fix what ain't broke.
Like a lover trying to sell back a soul that she stole.
Tell me to try to see life in other shoes. Well,
If I were a horse I'd already be glue.

I'm just a soldier of an ordinary life.
Another heart left beating while a young man gets to die.
I'll take my place at the back of this line,
and hope that when it's time you'll cry.
A witness to my wasted life.
Track Name: Storms
My mother, and God
taught me to love as she did.
And whether or not,
I listened was all up to them.

Just forget and you'll see,
you'll be better in a week or so.

"I think I'll say goodnight, " she said,
"You're not what you had promised."
"I think I'll leave this time for good,
and I hope you find what you lost"

A storm broke when you left,
and got caught between my crooked teeth.
So I sang out all of my ghosts,
so loud that I could barely breath.

But so long as you see,
what you've done to my sleep.

"I think I'll say goodnight, " she said,
"You're not what you had promised."
"I think I'll leave this time for good,
and I hope you find what you lost.
I hope you're not always this lost.
I remember you weren't like that once"
Track Name: Lost At Sea
So tell me when will we be heading home?
I've been running circles,
trying to keep both my hands busy since we've gone.
The winter's not been kind to me ya know?
My soul is getting heavy and my hands hold all the cracks in them to show.

So tell me will we ever reap the seeds we sow?
The ground is cold, but this flower grows, beneath the snow.
Waiting for the sun to come and show it's face.
We're all dying to live someday.

So tell me has our boat been lost at sea?
Caught between the rising tide and the mountain range that stretches just beneath.
Is it safe to say that we may not return?
Seems the clouds are getting darker and the cold wind's telling me to fear the worst.

So tell me what the hell have I been fighting for?
I've paid my debts so I'll be laid to rest on the ocean floor?
I'm waiting for my God to come and show his face.
We're all dying to live someday.

So tell my wife and children that I will be just fine.
Life has come and passed, and it's gone by so fast I couldn't say goodbye.
I feel the hand that holds, it's tightening its grip.
Oh we're all dying for more time to live
But I guess that this is it.
Track Name: How It Goes
The ship sways side to side.
The sea screams "I'm not scared to take your life!"
and I cry "If it means that much to you,
Then I'm prepared to go, I bet you'd sink this better than I"
I cry " Please take me down, it's been a pleasure serving by your side"
As I sink.

Oh no, I know, this is how it goes
No need to fight, I'm sure he's right
This is how it goes.
Oh no, I know, this is how it goes.
and after it all I'd hear him call
Oh this is how it goes

As the sea swirls in my eyes
for a moment I'm left with all the joy that was my life,
go by,
I hear his whisper in my ear,
"Don't be afraid of what you'll find, don't be afraid to fear.
We've all been waiting for you and can't wait til' you get here"
As I sink